Financial Calculators

Take Home Pay Calculator

This pay calculator can be used to calculate your take home pay based on your hourly, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual salary. Calculations incorporate the current ATO tax tables and superannuation guarantee accrual rates.

ATO Simple Income Tax Calculator

This calculator is useful in obtaining an approximate assessment of your income tax liability for the year. Simply enter the amount you anticipate earning and you will be advised of the tax payable on that amount.

Credit Card Repayment Calculator

Ever wondered how much that credit card is actually costing you or wanting to work out a budget to get it paid out, then this tool by the ASIC is a great. Enter the details of what you owe, current interest rate and how much you can afford to pay and it will tell you how long it will take to pay out the balance based on your repayment amount and the amount of interest you will pay over that term.

All calculators should be used as an estimate only as amounts may vary based on your personal financial circumstances